Friday, 18 October 2019

Is there a writer in you trying to get out?

Where is your story?

I am often asked, when I'm not working on my next KEY WEST adventure, what do I get up to - well other than catching up on lost time at our beloved Bull & Whistle bar in Key West or brushing up on my Spanish - over the years I have had the good fortune to help a few new writers on the path to publishing their works.
From simple grammar and format assistance in a novel to nurturing a vague concept into a full-length movie script.
From the basics of learning how to use style in Microsoft Word to understanding the technicalities of creating an eBook for Nook or Kindle.
It is a mighty, emotional step for any writer to reveal their essay or memoir or novella to a fellow writer for potential critique, so I do feel honored when a writer - no matter at what stage in their journey - asks for my input.
All of us writers as some point need the objective opinion of another - we've all been on the receiving end of critique and the ensuing cutting-room floor.
However there is nothing more rewarding than nurturing a writer on their circuitous path to achieving their goal.
I'm talking about writers from such different backgrounds who may not have ever dreamt about putting pen to paper: a lounge singer, a tightrope walker, a cleaner, a single mum. Writers who simple had a story to tell. And had a simmering desire to recount...not just to their bartender after a couple of mojitos or their four-legged best friend during a long walk on the beach. A story that emanated perhaps from their own incredible imagination (or bad dreams) to their genuine experiences. 

I'm talking about you - Have you been harboring a story? 
Is it time to share it? With our digital world it is easy to take those first steps. Try composing your idea into a blog. Invite some folk to view it. 
This is just the beginning.