Monday, 10 September 2012

Clear out that closet ... you just may find a gem

How often have you delved deeply into that dimly-lit foreboding place you rarely dare to tread -- the deep recesses of your walk-in closet?  Whilst bravely searching for those old sneakers you could swear were buried in there beneath the snorkel gear and badminton set, crouching down … you touch it … all slinky and smooth. No, not that, it’s that favorite tie you haven’t seen since possibly your 20th high school reunion.  And there’s more: the pants and jacket you must have worn that same Shiraz-fueled night and just thrown in a bundle waiting for the next visit to the dry cleaners. What a find. A whole great outfit -- you'd forgotten you even owned. Thought it had been long ago donated to Goodwill.

OK, now imagine doing the same thing with your computer.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write. Long before Microsoft, when Bill Gates was just a high school dropout; when my ‘portable computer’ weighed more than my 70lb baggage allowance on British Airways. Countless floppy disks, countless files and folders -- articles, ideas, chapters all gathering dust. Until the day I’m looking desperately for the password to Lands End online shopping account. In the dark recesses of dusty folders with unfamiliar names I stumble upon my long-forgotten gem: Of course I had ignored and forgotten about the yellow 'New folder' that contained another yellow folder that was entitled ‘Notes From an Idiot Abroad’ -- it should really have been called ‘A great book that you can publish a few years from now once Amazon has invented the Kindle’.

Inside that long forgotten folder was my next book: I TRAVELLED THE WORLD AS LOST LUGGAGE

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