Saturday, 25 May 2013

A new crime thriller...DEATH by GLASGOW

Jon Breakfield's crime thriller set in Glasgow, Scotland

If you like to read light, whimsical prose then hit your 'Back button' now. If you have a penchant for gritty, raw crime with a heavy dose of thriller and a splash of blood, then read on. My new crime novel has just been published.

Quite a departure from the style of my previous two books, this latest one is set in Scotland. My wife and I divide our time between Key West and Glasgow, so it was about time that I write something about Glasgow. It's a great city, from its history to its parks, to its architecture and of course the people, so when I decided to write a crime thriller I knew it had to be based in Glasgow. It's a cliche to say that the city has so many faces, but it is patently true of Glasgow and I love them all. Even the ones with scars on them. The city serves as a vibrant, pulsing backdrop for my characters and I hope that I bring it alive in this first in a series of crime novels featuring Detective Inspector Sharkey.

If you've never been to Glasgow then you have to put this city on your next tour list. If you know the city, I hope you'll enjoy walking the streets with me. But, keep looking over your shoulder.

Here's a quick blurb:

Detective Inspector Sharkey has a new partner to fight crime, problem is the new partner wears Gucci suits and Dolce and Gabbana 3-inch heals. Now his daughter's dead and he has to hit the mean streets of Glasgow with a fashionista side-kick to find the killer.  
And what he doesn't know, just might kill him: his new partner is involved in his daughter's death.

The book is published by Gallowgate Press and is now available  as an eBook via  Amazon, Kobo or Nook. It is also available in paperback via your favourite bookstore virtual or otherwise..

For readers in the U.S.:
For readers in the U.K.: 


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